BrandMeister settings for LX

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The DVC working group recommends the following settings for operating in the BrandMeister network  in Luxembourg:


You should create a BrandMeister network account, for adjusting personal settings. Adjust the following settings in Selfcare:

  • Select an icon.
  • Select your radio brand (transcoding of messages).
  • Put your first name in the APRS text field.


The following static talkgroups are present on LARU repeaters (these talkgroups are present permanently):

Timeslot 1 (TS1) Timeslot 2 (TS2)
TG 270 Luxemburg TG 9 local
TG 2707 LX LARU  
TG 9 local reflectors

Dynamic talkgroups can be activated on both timeslots in the BrandMeister network. This makes it possible to activate all existing talkgroups temporarily on a certain timeslot (e.g TG 262, Germany). Existing talkgroups can be looked up here. Aktivated talkgrups will be automatically unlinked after 15 miutes of inactivity.

The LARU recommends:

  • Timeslot 1 (TS 1) for national QSO's (TG 270 and TG 9)
  • Timeslot 2 (TS 2) for international (dynamic talkgroups) and national QSO's (TG 9).

Dynamic talkgroups

  • should be activated preferentially on timeslot 2 (TS 2).
  • If a timeslot is busy, the other one can be used.


Reflectors exist on timeslot 2 (TS 2). These are present for backwards compatibility with other networks. A permanent reflector should not be linked on timeslot 2 (TS 2)

These recommendations allow a parallel operation of national and international calls on the repeater. Please send questions to the DVC working group: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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