Official LARU sponsors:

voipGATE S.A.

mabilux S.A.

lte.luAntenne collective Ettelbruck

Microsoft Corporation
Ville de Diekirch



To provide financial support for the LARU asbl., there is an alternative to the associate membership: sponsoring. Interested sponsors can choose in packages with different amounts. Each sponsorship package runs for 1 year after receipt of payment.

The provision of equipment and infrastructure is also considered as sponsoring. In this case, please contact the board (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Package SMALL (25€)

  • Website link on our link page.
  • Project-related advertising (making your banner or logo published on convenient activities or seminars).

Package MEDIUM (100€)

  • SMALL package.
  • Small company logo (including web link) on our sponsoring page.

Package BIG (200€)

  • SMALL package.
  • Large company logo (including web link) on our sponsoring page.
  • Large company logo in the regular member-newsletter (e-mail).

Package ULTRA (500€)

  • BIG package.
  • Always visible company logo (including web link) in the footer of our website.
  • Your employees benefit from a discount (25%) on a LARU membership.
  • Company name and/or Logo on all LARU-publications. (Except training material and official correspondence.)

Package ULTRA+ (>999€)

  • Package ULTRA.
  • Your employees take part in preparation course for the radioamateur-licence (novice) totally free of costs, as well without a LARU membership (if there are available seats).


In case of a non-financial sponsorship, the financial value of the provided sponsorship will be considered.


Bank data:

LU46 0019 4555 6928 2000