The EMC's (EMergency Communications) objective is to determine the needs of communication of the Luxembourg rescue services and to complement with the means of amateur-radio communications in the case of an emergency. In addition, we can provide quick and simple communication options in the greater region and on international level for voice communication and / or data exchange. We will create a concept in order to respond to these needs and we will organize regular exercises in emergency communication. The concept also includes the planning and the failure safety of the infrastructure. The necessary infrastructure will be set up and tested together with the other working groups.

The EMC group is also responsible for the contact with other international emergency communication groups. Accordingly, the coordination of national and international regulatory affairs falls within the field of duties of the EMC.

Emergency communication exercise 2015

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On August 9th 2015 the LARU has organised an emergency communication exercise in collaboration with the frogmen of the luxembourgish emergency service. The goal was to test an infrastructure enabling voice communication and position reports in the area of the reservoir "Lac de la Haute Sûre". A DMR repeater and an APRS digipeater were used with success.

More information will follow in the LARU QST NEWSLETTER of August 2015.


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The LARU disposes of powerful automatic stations which can be put into service with the call LX0E. The stations are a UHF-Repeater for FM and DMR, a VHF/UHF-Crossband-Repeater, a VHF-Repeater for APRS, and a Hamnet-Hotspot. All components can work autonomously on emergency power. More information are available at .

The following frequencies have been assigned to LX0E with a maximum power of 25 W:

APRS Digi APRS 144,800 MHz
432,500 MHz
433,800 MHz
144,800 MHz
432,500 MHz
433,800 MHz
Crossband Repeater FM VHF
FM Crossband Repeater
DMR Repeater DMR 439,900 MHz 430,500 MHz DMR Repeater 270111
DMR Repeater DMR 439,9125 MHz 430,5125 MHz DMR Repeater 270112
DMR Repeater DMR 439,925 MHz 430,525 MHz DMR Repeater 270113
HamNet HotSpot IP 13cm 13cm Router and AP
for HamNet / 44net

EmComm Ready Stations

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EmComm Stations should be compatible and exchangeable, as such the ECC WG has been working on a classification system for EmComms Ready Stations. So far the following EmComms Ready Levels have been defined:


  • 1 HF TRX, >=100W, mobile chasis preferred
  • Power supplies for the HF TRX (as many as required by the HF TRX to operate)
  • Antenna(s) for 80m, 40m and 20m bands
  • 1 duo band VHF-UHF or 2 single band (1 VHF and 1 UHF) TRX, >=4W, portable or mobile chasis
  • Power supplies or battery chargers as required for the VHF-UHF equipment
  • Antenna(s) for VHF and UHF bands


  • LEVEL 1 Station plus
  • 1 Antenne Mast including suspension ropes


  • LEVEL 2 Station plus
  • Portable power supply for 24 hours of operation

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