Jamboree On The Air 2017

The 60th Jamboree on the air took place on the Weekend of 21st-22nd october 2017.

The LARU has supported the Scouts from Steinfort (LX1JAQ), St. Hubert, Ste. Bernadette and Steinsel (LX1JAF). Two amateur radio stations for shortwave, VHF and UHF were operated. The scouts had APRS trackers and portable UHF radios for the night game. The LARU emergency communication repeater LX0E was on the air enabling DMR communication between the scout groups.

Click here for a video.

Jamboree On The Air 2014

The 57. Jamboree on the air takes place on the Weekend of 17th-19th october 2014. The beginning is on Saturday 00:00 local time. The end is on Sunday 24:00 local time.

The World Scout Jamboree on the air (JOTA) is a worldwide meeting of Scouts by the means of amateur radio. Together with the Jamboree on the internet (JOTI), it is the biggest regular scout activity in the world.

The LARU will assist luxembourgish Scouts to take part in the JOTA by supplying equipment and experimented hams.

More information can be found on the official homepage of the luxembourgish organisation: http://www.jotajoti.lu/

Impressions from Eischen (LX1JBA) and Steinfort (LX1JAQ)


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