Fieldday Greimerath K25/K10 2015

On May 23rd 2015 the LARU visits the Fieldday of the german OVs K25 and K10 in Greimerath (D). Our APRS-Digipeater, Crossband-Repeater and DMR-Repeater were operated at the place independently from mains supply. It was a friendly meeting and the catering was excellent. A big thanks goes to our friends from Germany!

20150523-Greimerath-01.JPG 20150523-Greimerath-02.JPG 20150523-Greimerath-03.JPG

20150523-Greimerath-04.JPG 20150523-Greimerath-05.JPG 20150523-Greimerath-06.JPG

20150523-Greimerath-07.JPG 20150523-Greimerath-08.JPG 20150523-Greimerath-09.JPG

20150523-Greimerath-10.JPG 20150523-Greimerath-11.JPG 20150523-Greimerath-12.JPG

20150523-Greimerath-13.JPG 20150523-Greimerath-14.JPG 20150523-Greimerath-15.JPG