LARU Fieldday in August 2017

The 2nd LARU Fieldday will take place on August 5th 2017 in Walsdorf (Vianden, L) (click here for a map).

August 4th: arrival in the evening, possibility to sleep (bring your tent/sleeping bag)
August 5th: fieldday, radio, barbecue, exhibition (EMC), flea-market, cartography
August 6th: departure before noon

Please confirm your participation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photos of the fieldday 2017:


DSC_1748.JPG DSC_1749.JPG DSC_1750.JPG

DSC_1753.JPG DSC_1755.JPG DSC_1758.JPG

DSC_1759.JPG DSC_1762.JPG DSC_1763.JPG

DSC_1765.JPG DSC_1767.JPG DSC_1768.JPG

DSC_1769.JPG DSC_1771.JPG DSC_1773.JPG

DSC_1774.JPG DSC_1775.JPG DSC_1776.JPG

DSC_1777.JPG DSC_1778.JPG DSC_1779.JPG

DSC_1780.JPG DSC_1781.JPG DSC_1782.JPG

DSC_1783.JPG DSC_1784.JPG DSC_1785.JPG

DSC_1786.JPG DSC_1787.JPG DSC_1788.JPG

DSC_1789.JPG DSC_1790.JPG DSC_1791.JPG

DSC_1792.JPG DSC_1793.JPG DSC_1794.JPG

DSC_1795.JPG DSC_1796.JPG DSC_1797.JPG

DSC_1800.JPG DSC_1801.JPG DSC_1802.JPG

DSC_1803.JPG DSC_1805.JPG DSC_1806.JPG

DSC_1807.JPG DSC_1808.JPG DSC_1809.JPG

DSC_1810.JPG DSC_1812.JPG DSC_1813.JPG

DSC_1814.JPG DSC_1815.JPG DSC_1816.JPG

DSC_1817.JPG DSC_1818.JPG DSC_1820.JPG

DSC_1821.JPG DSC_1823.JPG DSC_1826.JPG

DSC_1827.JPG DSC_1828.JPG