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Since December 2019 LARU members have been experimenting with POCSAG pagers on VHF.

In September 2020 phase 1 of the LARU POCSAG Network could be accomplished. The network currently consists of 4 transmitters sharing timeslots on the LARU frequency 144.8625 MHz and sending messages to pagers. Every amateur radio operator can generate such messages via dapnet (Decentralized Amateur Paging Network) and receive such messages with a POCSAG pager tuned to 144.8625 MHz.

The LARU deliberately chose the VHF band for paging in order to gain an optimal nation-wide coverage. Emergency communication is also standing in the foreground. That's why our partner LEMCIT (Luxembourg Emergency Communications Intervention Team) has equipped the members of the LARU emergency communication team with professional Oelmann pagers.

More informations concerning the LARU POCSAG Network are available here.


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