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LARU is a Radio Artist @RadioArtZone Esch2022. Hear us in summer!

Hear a live broadcast of our special event station LX22RAZ on Radio, July 23rd @12UTC until July 24th 10 UTC (22 hours):

Radio Art Zone around the world

Relayed on the following frequencies around the clock:

Radio Art Zone, Esch/Alzette and surroundings 87.8 MHz
Resonance Extra, London / Brighton / Bristol / Cambridge / Norwich DAB+
Soundart Radio, Totnes 102.5 MHz

And during selected periods on:

Radio ARA, Luxembourg City 102.9 MHz & Northern Luxembourg 105.2 MHz
Resonance FM, London 104.4 MHz & DAB+
Radio Panik, Brussels 105.4 MHz
JET FM, Nantes 91.2 MHz
WGXC, New York Upper Hudson Valley 90.7 MHz
Kanal K, Aargauer Mittelland 94,9 MHz / Olten-Zofingen 103,4 MHz / Baden-Wettingen 92,2 MHz & Aarau-Baden-Olten / Basel / Zürich DAB+
∏node, Paris / Mulhouse DAB+
Colaboradio, Berlin 88,4 MHz / Potsdam 90.7 MHz
lumbung Radio, Kassel

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