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The luxembourgish amateur radio callsign is composed of the prefix LX, followed by a one digit number (0-9) and the suffix composed of at least 2 characters (AA-ZZ) and at most 4 characters (AAAA-ZZZZ).
The one digit number is as follows:

0 * automatic stations
1,2,3 HAREC-licence
4,5 ** special stations
6 NOVICE-licence
7,8 ** special stations
9 *** group stations (group licence)

When operating mobile the additional suffix /M must be used, when operating portable that suffix is /P, when being maritime mobile the suffix is /MM.

* Each amateur radio operator can apply for a callsign of an automatic station (e.g. beacon, repeater, hamnet, APRS, ATV, hotspot, ...). Access to that automatic station must the be granted to all amateur radio operators. If the station is operated "strictly locally" then it must be operated under the personal callsign of the amateur radio operator. In that case the operation must be declared to the ILR.

** The callsigns with the numbers 4, 5, 7, 8 are reserved for amateur radio stations who take part in contests or for non-tempoprary special activites, for education or for common public interest. In order to get such a callsign, the operator must possess a HAREC licence.

*** A group of interested people may operate an amateur radio station for educational or experimental reasons. The operation is under the responsibility of the amateur radio operator who applied for the licence of the group station.

Callsigns which do not respect the standard scheme may be attributed for temporary special activities. Those callsigns are attributed for at most 6 months.

Short callsigns with only one character after the number can be obtained by amateur radio operators who have owned a personal callsign for at least 6 years and who have been shining in amateur radio. The amateur radio operator who wants such a callsign has to prove that he merits that callsign..

Each amateur radio operator owning a foreign licence CEPT T/R 61-01 (HAREC) or ECC (05)06 (NOVICE), may operate temporarily in Luxembourg by using the additional prefix  LX/ (HAREC) or LX6/ (NOVICE) with his own callsign. Examples: LX/ON1ABC, LX6/DO1ABC. The regulator does not issue a special callsign LX4,5,7,8 to foreign licence owners with no fixed address in Luxembourg.

Additional informations can be found in the regulations F16/02/ILR from March 18th 2016 .

LX repeaters

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Voice repeaters in Luxembourg (2021/11/23), the most up to date repeater list in LX

Call Mode Frequency MHz
Shift MHz
QTH Locator Additional info
LX0E* DMR 439.9125 -9.4 CC 1 LX - BrandMeister
LX0BER* DMR 438.9875 -7.6 CC 1 Nocher JN29XW BrandMeister
LX0DMR* DMR 438.2875 -7.6 CC 1 Luxembourg
JN39BO BrandMeister
LX0DMX* DMR 438.4750 -7.6 CC 1 Belvaux JN29XM BrandMeister
LX0FSK* DMR 438.8875 -7.6 CC 1 Reimberg JN29XT BrandMeister
LX0LARO** DMR 439.4875 -7.6 CC 2 Larochette JN39CS BrandMeister
LX0LWL* DMR 439.9250 -9.4 CC 1 Lorentzweiler JN39BQ

Frequency change in progress. BrandMeister

LX0NSR* DMR 438.6875 -7.6 CC 1 Ettelbrück JN39BU BrandMeister
LX0OST* DMR 439.8125 -9.4 CC 1 Mompach JN39FR in construction
LX0DME DMR 439.5125 -7.6 CC 1 Eschdorf JN29XV  
LX0DML D-STAR 438.3375 -7.6   Blaschette JN39BQ  
LX0DMM FM 145.5875 -0.6 CT 123 Hz Machtum JN39FP  
LX0DRB C4FM 439.5250 -7.6 - Bourscheid JN39AV  
LX0DRD D-STAR 439.0375 -7.6 - Dippach JN29XO  
LX0DRH D-STAR 438.2000 -7.6 - Riesenhaff JN29VU  
LX0DRJ D-STAR 439.4000 -7.6 - Junglinster JN39DR  
LX0DRN D-STAR 438.3125 -7.6 - Nocher JN29XW  
145.7875 -0.6 CT 123 Hz
CC 1
Rumelange JN29XK  
438.8000 -7.6 CT 123 Hz Rumelange JN29XK  
LX0DRV D-STAR 438.5250 -7.6 - Ronnebësch JN39BV  
LX0HI FM 145.7250 -0.6 1750 Hz Bourscheid JN39AV  
LX0LU FM 145.7000 -0.6 CT 123 Hz Blaschette JN39BR DMR QRT
since 2014
LX0MVL digital 438.6125 -7.6        
LX0RSX FM 51.8300 -0.6 CT 123 Hz  Rumelange JN29XK  
438.7500 -7.6 CT 123 Hz
Rumelange JN29XK Echolink #268062

* operated by the LARU

** Micro-Repeater operated by the LARU


APRS digipeaters in Luxembourg (2019/10/09)

Call Band QTH Locator Additional info
LX0APD VHF/UHF Diekirch JN39BU  
LX0APN UHF Eschdorf JN29XV  
LX0APR VHF Blaschette JN39BR  
LX0APS VHF Rodange JN29WM  
LX0LGK VHF Esch/Alzette JN39XM iGate
LX0SCI VHF Differdange JN29WM iGate
LX0WX VHF Vianden JN39BW  

VHF: 144.800 MHz, UHF: 432.500 MHz


Beacons in Luxembourg (2014/09/19)

Frequency Call QTH Locator Polarisation Heading Power
50.023 MHz LX0SIX Bourscheid JN39AV horizontal omni.  10W ERP
70.161 MHz LX0FOUR Bourscheid JN39AV horizontal omni.  10W ERP
1296.935 MHz LX0AO Oberkorn


horizontal 36° (NE) 1.6W EIRP
2320.935 MHz LX0AOK Oberkorn JN29WM horizontal 36° (NE) 1W EIRP
10368.935 MHz LX0AOX Oberkorn JN29WM horizontal omni. 1W EIRP
10368.895 MHz LX0DB Sandweiler JN39CO horizontal omni. 400W ERP
24048.18 MHz LX0CDF Sandweiler JN39CO horizontal omni. 100W ERP
47088.9 MHz LX0CDE Sandweiler JN39CO horizontal omni. 1W ERP
76032.9 MHz LX0CBC Sandweiler JN39CO horizontal omni. 0.1W ERP


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