BrandMeister settings for LX

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The DVC working group recommends the following settings for operating in the BrandMeister network  in Luxembourg:


You should create a BrandMeister network account, for adjusting personal settings. Adjust the following settings in Selfcare:

  • Select an icon.
  • Select your radio brand (transcoding of messages).
  • Put your first name in the APRS text field.


The following static talkgroups are present on LARU repeaters (these talkgroups are present permanently):

Timeslot 1 (TS1) Timeslot 2 (TS2)
TG 270 Luxemburg TG 9 local
TG 2707 LX LARU  
TG 9112
Emcom EU  
TG 9 local reflectors

Depending on the location of the repeater, additional static talkgroups are present on timeslot 1 (TS1):

Timeslot 1 (TS1) Repeater
TG 2701 LX South LX0DMX
TG 2702 LX North LX0NSR
TG 2703 LX Center LX0DMR

Dynamic talkgroups can be activated on both timeslots in the BrandMeister network. This makes it possible to activate all existing talkgroups temporarily on a certain timeslot (e.g TG 262, Germany). Existing talkgroups can be looked up here. Aktivated talkgrups will be automatically unlinked after 15 miutes of inactivity.

The LARU recommends:

  • Timeslot 1 (TS 1) for national QSO's with the static talkgroups on a given repeater (TG 270, TG270x and TG 9).
  • Timeslot 2 (TS 2) for national and international QSO's with dynamic talkgroups (and TG 9).

Dynamic talkgroups

  • should be activated preferentially on timeslot 2 (TS 2). Please don't activate dynamic talkgroups systematically on timesolt 1 (TS 1)!
  • If a timeslot is busy, the other one can be used.


Reflectors exist on timeslot 2 (TS 2). These are present for backwards compatibility with other networks. A permanent reflector should not be linked on timeslot 2 (TS 2)

Please send questions to the DVC working group: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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