Secure VoIP and Chat server

The DDC WG has setup a secure VoIP and chat server open to all LARU members. The server makes use of RFC 7081 "CUSAX" and provides automatic configuration provisioning for the Jitsi Softphone.

Interested operator may contact the DDC Manager in case you didn't receive your access credentials yet.

Auto-Provisioning of Jitsi must be initialised before first usage. Start Jitsi and go to Preferences --> Advanced --> Provisioning, enable check box to enable provisioning and select manually specify a provisioning URI and add the following URL:${username}&pass=${password}&uuid=${uuid} 

then restart Jitsi and enter your credentials when requested.

The system is based on the protocols SIP and XMPP, as such other applications beside Jitsi will work just fine as well.

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