New DMR repeater: LX0NSR

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On June 14th 2016 the LARU has brought into service its first amateur radio repeater the "Nordstadrelais" LX0NSR in Ettelbrück. The repeater operates on UHF in DMR (digital mobile radio) mode. The repeater is connected via internet to the BrandMeister network (DMR+ from June 2016 to May 2017). Parameters of the repeater:

Call and frequency
LX0NSR, 438.6875 MHz, shift: -7.6 MHz
Location Ettelbrück, JN39BU
Mode DMR, digital mobile radio, CC1
Talkgroups slot 1
TG 9: local, TG 270: LX
TG 2707: LX LARU, TG 27071: LX LARU North
TG 9112: Emcom EU
Talkgroups slot 2
TG 9: local, reflectors, GPS

More information can be found at

DMR locator identifiers

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This register currently helps the coordination of DMR Locator identifiers for DMR networks in Luxembourg.

Locator IDs are composed of 4 digits, the first 3 digits represent the MCC according to ITU E.212, the last digit designates a location.

"Master" servers use 1 Locator ID to regroup several repeaters. The Locator ID is for information purposes only, it is not a Talk Group.

270 0 Reserved for international assitance
270 1 LX1IQ (formerly ADRAD Kayldall)
270 2 LARU
270 3 ADRAD Kayldall
270 4  
270 5  
270 6  
270 7  
270 8  
270 9 LARU Hotspots


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