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On February 4th 2021 the repeater LX0DMX has been transferred to a new QTH in Belvaux with improved coverage. The repeater operates on UHF in DMR (digital mobile radio) mode. It's purpose is the cellular coverage of the southwest of Luxembourg. The repeater is connected via internet to the BrandMeister network.

Parameters of the repeater:

Call and frequency LX0DMX, 438.475 MHz, shift: -7.6 MHz
Location Belvaux, JN29XM
Mode DMR, digital mobile radio, CC1
Talkgroups slot 1
TG 9: local, TG 270: LX
TG 2707: LX LARU, TG 27073: LX LARU South
TG 9112: Emcom EU
Talkgroups slot 2
TG 9: local, reflectors



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