Makerfest 2017/07/04

The LARU working group EDU has offered a workshop about radio transmission on the Makerspace Summer Event on July 4th in the Lycée Technique Esch. More information about the Makerspace Summer Event can be found here.

20170704-MAKER-001.JPG 20170704-MAKER-002.JPG 20170704-MAKER-003.JPG

20170704-MAKER-004.JPG 20170704-MAKER-005.JPG 20170704-MAKER-006.JPG

20170704-MAKER-007.JPG 20170704-MAKER-008.JPG 20170704-MAKER-009.JPG

20170704-MAKER-010.JPG 20170704-MAKER-011.JPG 20170704-MAKER-012.JPG

20170704-MAKER-013.JPG 20170704-MAKER-014.JPG