EmComm Ready Stations

Posted in Emergency Communications (EMC)

EmComm Stations should be compatible and exchangeable, as such the ECC WG has been working on a classification system for EmComms Ready Stations. So far the following EmComms Ready Levels have been defined:


  • 1 HF TRX, >=100W, mobile chasis preferred
  • Power supplies for the HF TRX (as many as required by the HF TRX to operate)
  • Antenna(s) for 80m, 40m and 20m bands
  • 1 duo band VHF-UHF or 2 single band (1 VHF and 1 UHF) TRX, >=4W, portable or mobile chasis
  • Power supplies or battery chargers as required for the VHF-UHF equipment
  • Antenna(s) for VHF and UHF bands


  • LEVEL 1 Station plus
  • 1 Antenne Mast including suspension ropes


  • LEVEL 2 Station plus
  • Portable power supply for 24 hours of operation

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