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The LARU disposes of powerful automatic stations which can be put into service with the call LX0E. The stations are a UHF-Repeater for FM and DMR, a VHF/UHF-Crossband-Repeater, a VHF-Repeater for APRS, and a Hamnet-Hotspot. All components can work autonomously on emergency power. More information are available at http://emcomm.services/category/equipment/emcomm.services/category/equipment/ .

The following frequencies have been assigned to LX0E with a maximum power of 25 W:

APRS Digi APRS 144,800 MHz
432,500 MHz
433,800 MHz
144,800 MHz
432,500 MHz
433,800 MHz
Crossband Repeater FM VHF
FM Crossband Repeater
DMR Repeater DMR 439,900 MHz 430,500 MHz DMR Repeater 270111
DMR Repeater DMR 439,9125 MHz 430,5125 MHz DMR Repeater 270112
DMR Repeater DMR 439,925 MHz 430,525 MHz DMR Repeater 270113
HamNet HotSpot IP 13cm 13cm Router and AP
for HamNet / 44net

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