LARU members can send outgoing QSL cards for free via the LARU LX QSL Bureau. The cards (alphabetically ordered by prefix) can be given to the VP QSL (Email: QSL Bureau) during club activities. Cards can also be sent to the address of our bureau (see above).

Attention, important rules:

  • the cards must be sorted alphabetically by prefix (example: DL, EA, F, ..., OE, ON, OZ, ...);
  • within a country there is no specific order, cards can be sorted randomly;
  • cards of countries with different prefixes can be put together (example: 2E, G, M);
  • US stations shall also be ordered by number (example: W1, N2, ..., K8, A9);
  • the individual countries do not have to be put together by paper bands or elastic bands.

The QSL-OUT Service is free for all personal callsigns of a LARU member.


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