NOVICE course 2014

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More details are available on the german version of this page.

The LARU will organize a training course in fall 2014 for the preparation of the NOVICE exam. The course will be in luxembourgish and german. The course will take place during approximatively 24 hours on 9 Saturdays in November and December 2014 and January 2015.

All LARU-members from a basic membership on can participate in the course. There will be additional costs if a participant wants to have a printed script. In order to become a LARU member, have a look here: LARU Membership

Paricipants should buy the following book: Eckart K.W. Moltrecht, Amateurfunklehrgang für das Amateurfunkzeugnis Klasse E (Novice Licence), ISBN: 978-3-88180-364-9.

Interested people can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

More information concerning the exam (probably in january 2015) can be found here: Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation

LX National QSL Bureau

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The LX National QSL Bureau is founded by ADRAD Kayldall a.s.b.l. and LARU a.s.b.l. in July 2014. The QSL-bureau is divided into an incoming QSL-bureau (LX National QSL IN Bureau) and an outgoing QSL-bureau (LX National QSL OUT Bureau).

The LX National QSL IN Bureau is based on absolute „hamspirit“. Incoming cards for amateur radio operators with luxembourgish call (prefix LX) are made available to those operators free of charge.

All amateur-radio associations are encouraged to send their QSL cards for LX to the following address:

LX National QSL IN Bureau
c/o ADRAD Kayldall
P.O. Box 26
L-3601 Kayl

More details about the LX National QSL Bureau can be found here:

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