JOTA 2022

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The 65th Jamboree on the air takes place on the weekend of 14th-16th October 2022.

The LARU will support scout groups from Luxembourg this year.

If you're looking for some support, just get in touch with our JOTA staff: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LX22RAZ @RadioArtZone

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LARU is a Radio Artist @RadioArtZone Esch2022. Hear us in summer!

Hear a live broadcast of our special event station LX22RAZ on Radio, July 23rd @12UTC until July 24th 10 UTC (22 hours):

Radio Art Zone around the world

Relayed on the following frequencies around the clock:

Radio Art Zone, Esch/Alzette and surroundings 87.8 MHz
Resonance Extra, London / Brighton / Bristol / Cambridge / Norwich DAB+
Soundart Radio, Totnes 102.5 MHz

And during selected periods on:

Radio ARA, Luxembourg City 102.9 MHz & Northern Luxembourg 105.2 MHz
Resonance FM, London 104.4 MHz & DAB+
Radio Panik, Brussels 105.4 MHz
JET FM, Nantes 91.2 MHz
WGXC, New York Upper Hudson Valley 90.7 MHz
Kanal K, Aargauer Mittelland 94,9 MHz / Olten-Zofingen 103,4 MHz / Baden-Wettingen 92,2 MHz & Aarau-Baden-Olten / Basel / Zürich DAB+
∏node, Paris / Mulhouse DAB+
Colaboradio, Berlin 88,4 MHz / Potsdam 90.7 MHz
lumbung Radio, Kassel

LARU Fieldday 2022

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On a warm first of July weekend, a bigger Fieldday could finally take place again. We spend this wonderful day together with our members, families and friends. Besides discussing great ideas and seeing new equipment we ate excellent pancakes, offered by our working group "Social & Events". 🤤

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